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What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is the next-generation war game. Over the years, it has become as popular as its main competitor, paintball. It is an extremely fun tactical shooter for those who seek a game with a more realistic feel than paintball.

The History of Airsoft

Airsoft guns were invented in Japan during the early 1980s. In Japan, is it illegal for anyone other the military personnel to own a real firearm. This law gave birth to airsoft guns, guns that look extremely realistic, but fire 6mm plastic, paint or steel-coated BBs instead of real ammunition. The first airsoft guns were called Gas Blow Back guns. This term refers to the way these guns operate. They use Green Gas, a silicon based propellant to fire BBs. When the guns are fired, the slide on the pistols blows back, and recreates the way a real firearm is operated. These guns are the most realistic of all airsoft guns, in that they are weighted, balanced, and operated just like the firearms they are based off of. Gas Blow Back guns can be an extremely effective Law Enforcement training tool, because the guns are cheaper than real firearms, and ammunition is also very cheap. Gas Blow Back guns are still being made, and are more popular now that ever.

The most popular kind of airsoft guns are called AEGs, or Automatic Electric Guns. These guns are the core of the airsoft industry. They are very popular and realistic, but also the most expensive of airsoft guns. The Japanese company Tokyo Marui invented AEGs, but in the last few years, other Taiwanese based company have started to make AEGs, such as ICS/Airsoft Elite, Classic Army of China, and CyberGun of Korea.

The most basic and simple of all airsoft guns are Spring Powered guns, also known as Springers. These guns cost, on average, of about $30 for a pistol, to over $200 for a sniper rifle or assault rifle. Spring guns operate the same as an AEG, except there is no battery and motor to keep fully automatic fire, so you must manually cock the gun after each shot that is fired. These can be used as a good training weapon, because they can help teach you to conserve what little ammunition you have. These simple, spring powered guns are often the first guns an airsofter will ever own. They are cheap and very reliable because there are very few breakable parts in them. Springers are not generally upgraded because they are intended to be used as a backup weapon if you AEG jams or breaks during a game. Springers are highly recommended as a first gun to buy if you are interested in airsoft, because Gas Blow Backs and AEGs are simply just too expensive for the average beginning player.